Thank you, Joe.


Good point.


openEuler is in China, but the vision is to be sold globally. And we are looking for developers not only from China but also from oversea.


Finally, could you please register gitee and leave your comments there?



Fred 李永乐


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Subject: RE: [Dev] what is your choice on primary language used in development?


Hi, Fred,


No matter whether English only will be the first choice for the community, the first barrier is that gitee itself provides Chinese only registration and login method, which is not friend to other language speaking people, no matter he is developer or IT service engineer.


The second concern about the language option depends on what’s the target users/developers/operation and maintenance engineers/manufactures for openEuler, or vision in short. You have to speak language your target audience can understand.


For example, if some vendor who developed a distribution based on openEuler was sold to France, then the local maintenance engineers should be able to enhance his knowledge and skill from the openEuler community by himself.


So when we talk to about language option for the community, it depends on the vision of the community.


Best Regards

Chaoyi Huang ( Joe Huang )


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Subject: [Openstack] [Dev] what is your choice on primary language used in development?


Hi all the contributors and members who are interested in contributing,


Please visit [1] to leave your opinion on the primary language used in development.


Just to point out that this discussion is only on languages used in development, not documents which uses read.





Fred 李永乐