Hey openEuler developers:
   We plan to upgrade our mailing list system by this Saturday afternoon and there is estimated about one hour of downtime (17:00-18:00,17/04/2021 UTC+8), please avoid of usage during this period, the upgrade details are:
   1. Fixed the list command issue when message contains non-ascii characters.
   2. Fixed the decode issue when message body encoded. 
   3. Fixed the multiple domain's tls cert issue in exim4.
   4. Fixed the file permission issue among mailman and exim4.
   5. Fixed the issue that email to some specific lists are intercepted in exim4.
   Sorry for the inconvenience, if you still suffering some mailling issue, please don't be hesitate to contact us:

 [1]: https://gitee.com/openeuler/infrastructure/issues
 [2]: infra@openeuler.org

openEuler Infrastructure Team

   1. 修复outlook邮箱订阅confirm不生效的问题
   2. 修复outlook邮箱订阅回复内容乱码的问题
   3. 修复exim4配置多域名证书失败的问题
   4. 修复exim4与mailman组件日志目录权限冲突的问题
   5. 修复创建security关键字邮件列表发送失败的问题


   [1]: https://gitee.com/openeuler/infrastructure/issues
   [2]: infra@openeuler.org

openEuler 基础设施团队