Dear Contributors,

The OpenStack SIG is going to arrange an F2F Meetup in 10th April at Beijing, the meetup will be divided into two parts: 
  1. In the morning, we will arrange a PTG(Project Team Gathering), during the PTG, the SIG members will gather together to make plans for the SIG for the next few months, contributors and users can bring up ideas and questions for discussion. All the topics are listed here: please feel free to amend the list with the content you are intrested.
  2. In the afternoon, we will arrange sessions from users of OpenStack in different areas like Telco, Cloud Providers and Hardware Vendors, to share their experiences of using OpenStack with openEuler and Arm, for more details on the sessions, please checkout: 
See you at the Meetup!


OpenStack SIG将于4月10日于北京举办线下Meetup活动,本次活动将分为两个部分:
  1. 10日上午,将举办PTG(Project Team Gathering)活动,在PTG中,OpenStack SIG成员将收集开发者、用户诉求,制定未来几个月的SIG工作方向。开发者与用户可以将自己所关心的议题追加到以下协作文档上:  PTG会议中将按顺序对议题进行讨论。
  2. 10日下午,将举办开放分享活动,我们收集到了来自包括运营商、云提供商、硬件厂商等领域OpenStack用户的分享议题,将为参与者提供OpenStack在openEuler及Arm硬件平台上应用的实际经验,更多详情请访问: