Hi, OpenHPC teams!

We'd like to start the discussion about adding OpenHPC on openEuler support.

As discussion in TSC meeting, we introduced the openEuler, a preliminary intention about cooperation was reached

After some consideration, the support work might roughly by below steps:

1. Add openEuler OpenHPC OBS worker.
Actually, we started to initial support on openEuler OBS:
So we'd better move this to OpenHPC OBS, just like what rocky/leap do today.

2. Make rpm spec work on openEuler and merge to ohpc repo.
To ensure the quality we will first check on [2] to make sure it works on openEuler/SUSE/Rocky x86/aarch64
But due to frequent upstream changes, we have to rebase frequently in downstream repo.
Could we submit some adaptations to the upstream repo (OpenHPC) directly?

3. Add openEuler CI to the ohpc upstream repo.
After all things completed, then we can enable the complete aarch64/x86 CI on OpenHPC repo:

Any thoughts?